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Meet Doris & Frank in Essen 2003

The great
Essen Game Fair 2003
will take place
October 23-26.
Essen is still the place where board gamers from all over the world meet and it's still a very colourful event.
The number of our booth is
(same place as last year).

What will Doris & Frank present in Essen?

We'll present all of our good old stuff, like  Urland, Frank's Zoo, Ursuppe, Igel Ärgern and the extern GeckoGames game "Trias"
A tiny novelty will be the new edition of . By removing one of the six(!) different rules we packed Mü in a much handier box and can sell it to a more attractive price. The English Version of the new edition is produced and distributed by externRio Grande Games .
Another novelty are the Urland expansions genes which are also part 2 of the Urland Gene Contest.

Coming to Essen

The best ways to come to and stay in Essen seem to be described at externMik Svellov's website . For more general information about the Game Fair you should also visit the externhomepage of the Merz Verlag , the organizers. For general information about the Messe Essen (not only games fair) look at externtheir homepage .

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