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Spielertage 2008 Tournament Results

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The Prices

Prices, new and other good games, were games gratefully provided by externHiG, externAmigo, externBambus Spieleverlag, externZoch Verlag, externRavensburger, externKosmos, externAlea, and more companies. Thank you very much!

Spielertage 2008

The big gaming hall
The big gaming hall
The Spielertage 2008 had a boost in visitors, playing tables were crowded, though there capacities where sufficient and convenient for everyone who came. A tendency which continued with the tournaments which had more participants this year than 2007.

Müsterschaft (Mü Tournament)

Saturday 26th of January 2008. Beside local players from the Erlangen-Nürnberg region, people joined from Amberg, Würzburg and Munich. Eckehard, 2003 winner from Munich, was the last one to join the tournament this year, he had found a lack of role playing games of his taste and so he decided to play Mü. The afternoon showed that this was a good decision.
Eckehard won his table in 1st round. Whereas the protagonists of the Würzburg bidding style Carsten and Alex scored low. Record winner Ralf kept in range of the finals as did defending champion Thomas. Round 2 saw Eckehard winning again, Ralf crawling up slowly. Thomas still out of the top 5, whereas Carsten made the biggest jump from last rank to rank 7.
Eckehard did not care for making it tight. His streak of won tables continued in third and final preliminary round. Thomas climbed to spot 2 and Carsten to rank 3, Michael and Andreas completed the final.
Mü Finalists 'n Prices, Eckehard in the middle
Mü Finalists 'n Prices, Eckehard in the middle
In the final the top 5 were reset to zero, everything was possible. Initially it looked like Carsten could continue his comeback from last place, but then one huge game "7 over 3" changed everything. The end saw Eckehard succeeding once more, and also taking the special scoring for highest game, everyone else following exactly in the order of the three preliminary rounds.
Information about previous tournaments are on the Mü Fanpage.

Frank's Zoo Tournament

Additionally to the regions mentioned above, we had special visitors coming from Switzerland in this event. The larger number of attendees in the Zoo tournament leed to serious traffic congestions in the playing areas and especially in front of the preliminary rankings.
Tournament traffic
Tournament traffic
Four initial rounds flew by very fast, scores with Frank's Zoo change faster, there is a higher element of luck. Finally Gerd lead by a good margin in front of Georg. On place 3 to 6 there followed 4 players with same score, so the number of points taken at each table made the difference in favour of Alex, Gunnar and Brigitte, who was also in the finals last year. Jörg was unlucky 6th. Ironically there was some trouble getting Gunnar back to the tournment since he thought he failed to get to into the top 5.
Choosing from the huge price table
Choosing from the huge price table
Final Frank's Zoo ranking: Alex, Georg, Gerd, Brigitte und Gunnar
Final Frank's Zoo ranking: Alex, Georg, Gerd, Brigitte und Gunnar
In the end Alex Weiß was successfull, though only by a small margin, in head of Georg and Gerd.

Spielertage 2009

The externErlanger Spielertage 2009 will take place at the 4th weekend in January 2009, probably with the tournaments.

Other tournaments

Information about previous Frank's Zoo tournaments are here.

Pictures on this page taken by externOttmar Zimmer and KH.

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