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Spielertage 2003 Tournament Results

The externErlanger Spielertage 2003 are over. Here are some impressions from the tournaments:

Mü Tournament

The defending champion and three time winner Ralf Lehmkuhl suffered bad hands in the first two rounds. Whereas Thomas Tikwinski was in the lead after two rounds, being the hottest candidate for participating in the final and winning the highest game score prize.
Round three saw the clash of the both. Ralf in a tremendous effort tried to regain space, but in the end he just pulled Thomas down for both Ralf and Thomas missing the finals by a narrow margin.
In the final Eckehard R. took an early lead after two deals and didn't let it slip away, instead he also managed to grab the highest game score with 117 points for a double win.
Information about previous tournaments are here.

Frank's Zoo Tournament

Like the Mü Tournament the day before we saw another defending champion (Andre Maack) who did loose contact to the leaders early and did never catch up. Astrid Bönning had a big lead after three rounds and even after a unlucky 4th round she got to the final as the leader.
But cards were shuffeled completely new. And the winner of the finals was Angelika Gehr vor Anja ?. who both reached the finals only on rank 4 and 5.
Information about previous tournaments are here.

Image impressions

Images from both events can be found on our externpartner site .

Next tournaments

The next tournaments will take place late January 2004. Be there!

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