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Private Orders

hedgehog writing a letter
First of all try to find our games at a local store or at least a mail order shop which ships to your place. If you do not succeed, find our prices below. Unfortunately shipment outside Germany and especially outside Europe is still very expensive, and banking fees for foreign transfers are still high. Therefore we might not be able to make you a reasonable offer.
Arche Opti Mix14.00 Euro Combined Offer
Arche Opti Mix + both expansions
for 17.00 Euro.
Arche Extra Mix2.00 Euro
Arche Extra Mix II5.00 Euro
Urland19.00 Euro Combined offer: last copies, free with a copy of Ursuppe!
Urland micro expansion2.00 Euro
Ursuppe37.00 Euroavailable (!)
Ursuppe Expansion16.00 Euro
Mü und Mehr7.00 Euro currently not available
Igel Ärgern + Tante Tarantel22.00 Euro
Trias ( externGecko Games )14.00 Euro not available any more
Eselsrennen - wooden pieces 10.00 Euro Only few remaining!
Eselsrennen - rubber donkeys 12.00 Euro Only few remaining!
For addresses refer to our contacts page.

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