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The Company

Brief history of our well planned little company Spiele von Doris und Frank .
For the historically inclined there is also an older (but also longer and somewhat differently focussed) text about our company.

1989Foundation of our company, just per accident, we just printed our game Eselsrennen and sold it.
1990Our second game, published after just three test games. Igel Ärgern has been the backbone of our little company till today. For example only our externlocal store, Spielwelt Erlangen, sold several thousand of it during the years.
1991First own booth in Essen: Tante Tarantel. Major new feature of our first games: Manually numbered first editions with subscribtions for numbers.
1993Banana Republik on rank three in the German card game award "a la Carte".
1994We ship our first games to the USA, to Kurt Adam. We still don't know, how he figured our e-Mail. It took weeks, to work out the shipment and a payment method, where the fees did not exceed the price of the games.
1996First appearance on the Auswahlliste Spiel des Jahres (the list where Game of the Year is selected from) with Mü und Mehr. It also takes the card game award a la Carte.
1997First "Spiele von Doris und Frank" website, hostet at the externInstitute of Applied Mathematics of the University Erlangen then.
1998Ursuppe takes second place at Deutscher Spielepreis, though small company games traditionally get poor votes from the voting shops. This is the first game to apear in a bilingual prepared edition German/English.
Our games are now present on all 5 continents.
1999Bought the domain externdoris-frank.de .
2000Frank's Zoo gets on the Auswahlliste, it is on the top-10 of Deutscher Spielepreis and finished second by a small margin at the card game award. Frank's Zoo is our first game which is produced completely without "living room work" and our first game which is simultaneously published in English by externRio Grande . It has been translated into 4 languages (German, Englisch, Chinese und Dutch). It is our most sold game.
2004This page written.

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