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People Links

hedgehog writing a letter
Below a very arbitrary list of links to persons we know and who have a significant URL to link to. There are so many people without a homepage. Let the pagerank flow. If I'm not wrong they are in alphabetical order.

externKurt Adam player and musician. Most likely first US buyer of our games. Former member of externVisible Shivers.
externBrian Bankler Player, reviewer, idea contributor for us. externBlogging on games.
externPatrick Carl Cohacker for various programming projects and also playtester. openBC Patrick_Carl
externBruno Faidutti Unicorn French board game designer and unicorn specialist.
externRalf Lehmkuhl Playtester, helper and finally founder of is own game company externGecko Games.
externSus Lundgren Source of strange discussions, bewildering ideas, reporter ofinteresting projects. Maybe I should point to externher private homepage or her former externGame Design Pattern page.
externJohn McLeod Card Symbols The specialist in classical card games. A great player, tester and source of ideas for us.
externSally B. Prime Another genius who joined for some gaming, had some tough arguments or some short hiking. Somehow travelling with John.link down
externMichael Radziej Playtester, helper, administrator of our externSpieleck box. Painstaking discussor of software concepts. openBC Michael_Radziej
externRoland Ritthaler Playtester and helper.
externPeter Sarret Probably first US based reviewer of our games.
externMike Siggins Long standing game guru of Sumo fame and now back in the scene.
externKen Tidwell Founder of the (now long frozen) externGamecabinet , the first major website about boardgaming.
externDagmar Wolsing Playtester, Host and first of all the person who urged us to send our first prototype Dicke Kartoffeln to Herne Gameauthor Contest.
externOttmar Zimmer Former fellow student, avid playtester and helper. He is also busy for the externNürnberg Guatemala Group. openBC Ottmar_Zimmer
After all you can find more people on openBC FrankSven_NestelFranks XING (openBC) contact page.

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