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How to contact us?

hedgehog writing a letter
It depends what you want, please see below table:

What you wantWhat you do, where to go
Sell Game ideas Please do not send them! The whole purpose of this company is to promote our own games.
Rule questions, variant suggestions, strategy discussions Please join our public mailing list on externSpieleck. Note: This list needs registration, but it is a low traffic and no spam list.
Regular (well, rare) news about our games. Please subscribe our info mailing list on externSpieleck. Note: This list needs registration, but we it is a very low traffic (about a message a year or so) and no spam list. Note2: Somewhat more news can be found in our Feeds: RSS feedRSS subscribe.
Looking for a shop outside Germany to buy our games.See The Abroad Shops Page, if this doesn't help send us a mail (below).
Privat order conditions Have a look at our Order Info Page.
Business Relations:
Orders, Licenses.
Doris & Frank vCard Use link mailinfo@doris-frank.de
Please understand, that we might not answer when you ask for other things on this address.
FAX +49 (0) 9131 55085
Non electronic contact Doris & Frank vCard Use our snail-mail-address:
slow hedgehog Doris & Frank
Wolfsstaudenring 32
91056 Erlangen
Need a vCard Here it is Doris & Frank vCard. Useful for mail software and Outlook.
Frank Nestel at Google+ externHere I am, it's just another "social game".
Frank Nestel at Xing Well, once more openBC FrankSven_Nestelhere I am.
Leave a note, you've been here. Sign our externGuestbook.

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