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04-January-2016: The Erlanger Spielertage 2016 will take place on January 23./24. with Mü and Frank's Zoo tournament ... as usual.
03-January-2016: Ursuppe currently inavailable. We plan a new production however!
08-October-2013: Unfortunately we will not make it to Essen Spiel '13, our games will be there (booth 1-B-103 and 1-G-131).. Have a great time!
06-October-2012: This year in Essen we'll have another little Ark Expansion. for you. Also Doris has done a great new T-Shirt design.
26-December-2011: The Erlanger Spielertage 2012 will take place on January 28./29. with Mü and Frank's Zoo tournament as usual.
15-November-2011: We've now got a Doris & Frank Google+ Page, we'll see, what it is good for.
15-July-2011: Finally there: Chinese Ark! Wargames.com.hk just provided me with samples of their edition of Franks Ark. Of course it looks nice and it's excellen production quality. They also did the "Extra Mix" Expansion.
22-January-2011: The Erlanger Spielertage 2011 will take place on January 29./30. with the usual Mü and Frank's Zoo tournament
22-November-2010: News for Ursuppe:
1. It makes an appearance in Carstens Breschs great book "Evolution" (but only in German so far).
2. Johan Herrnsdorf provides printable sheets for fan made genes.
26-February-2010: on the iPhone/iPodTouch: Steve Blandings work has great reviews. References can be found at the Facebook for Mü and HouseFullOfGames.

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