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D&F Online Games & Puzzles

While we are a company for games to be played on physical tables, Frank sometimes hacks some stuff here and there.
Here is your choice:
  1. Here is a externgerman Site where you can play Igel Ärgern and more games against other players for free.
  2. Well, it is not new, not original, everyone has, but we have it too, externsudoku.spieleck.de our very own sudoku generator.
  3. The extern Falkenstern Anagram Generator is a new engine to generate German anagrams online. Not a game, but wordplay.
  4. running oym Play externOym Hunt on Spieleck . This is actually the first game Frank ever published. It was published arround 1980 in the HP-41C Software catalogue. (The externHP-41C was a high end programmable pocket calculators then: over 400 bytes RAM and 12 letter alphanumeric display! )
  5. Play the yet unpublished board game Red DieXafka against your computer. The page contains all: rules, example positions and a playing applet!
  6. Pico Card 5 Play a simplified game of Black Die Pico 2 against your computer. Elsewhere on our site there is more information about Pico 2.
  7. One of those Black Die Numberpuzzles where you have guess Symbols for digits. This is my first externJava Program ever and is a bit raw: It generates the puzzle, toggles between puzzle and the solution when you click in it and generates a new puzzle after a minute. My more externsophisticated version for OS/2 has recently gone Open Source under a GPL , maybe someone wants to make a Linux Version from it.
  8. And this is Numfield. This is not a game you can play, unless you want to derive a own strategy and code it in a Java-Class. This is interesting for people who want to watch programms throwing numbers at each other and for people who got the "Prisoners Dilemma" infection.
Jars Logo All programs (c) by Frank. Advice or criticism is highly appreciated! Pico and Xafka were sent to the externJARS Rating Service and they scored 890 and 825 out of possible 1000. Well, thats more than nothing. And I know what I could improve if I had the time.

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