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decopics/igelrechen.gif Hmm, every symbol means one digit of he decimal system, there is only one right solution for every digit, to make all equations horizontal and vertical valid.

Equator was the Name of Yerry Felix column with that kind of puzzle in that very short lived magazine Games & Puzzles (hey, I had a subscription, I payed and I still miss 9 editions or so). It's was also her who inspired me to write an Equator Generator.

The Puzzle you see below is generated by a Java machine, which is based upon my OS/2 pmequator Program. Unlike that program, which has a drag and drop interface to guide your solution, the only thing you can do with Java applet is asking for the solution (by clicking in it) and for a new puzzle.
Your browser seems not to understand the applet tag! Sorry!
As an excuse I have to say I had only one night to (by another click). New puzzles are generated only every minute , you should spend some time, thinking on the solution!

this first Java program of mine. Once I find the time I will extend the applet. Any constructive critisism is welcome ( link mailinfo@doris-frank.de ).

The machine generates millions of different puzzles with various degrees of difficulties, so try it!


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