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Play Pico 2!

The applet below plays Pico 2 (look at the Gamespage ). It needs a fairly big browser window (at least for my point of view :-).


Basic Pico 2 is a game for two players. Your Computer is your opponent. There are 11 cards with numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,16 . Cards are shuffled and dealed, every player gets 5. One extra card is out of the game, but known, it is shown face up between the two players hands.
You secretly choose one of your cards (on the lower end of the display by clicking), the computer chooses one of his. Both cards are revealed, the higher card wins , unless it's to high : The higher card looses, if it's more than twice as high as the lower card. The winning card scores and is kept face up, the loosing card goes back to it's players hand.
Play continues until one player has only one card left. Then another round is played with reversed hands. The player with the most red dots after two rounds wins.
Notes: Loading and starting of this applet might take a small moment, be patient. The computer reshuffles his cards after every turn, you cannot guess the card from the position! After a game is finished a mouse click starts the next one.
Your browser seems not to understand the applet tag! Sorry!

What has been simplified? The applet is also simplified since with two decks one can also play with three players and finally cause Pico (and Pico 2) is essentially based on bluff and the ability to anticipate the others action, this doesn't quite be the thing against a computer :-) Btw. the strategy implemented is far from optimal, so you are supposed to win in the long run!


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