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Imprint of this Site

This site is created by Dr. Frank Sven Nestel.
Most of these pages are in broken English , since I don't believe you get anywhere on the internet without speaking at least broken English :-) Some pages are also available in German.
Tools used to create these pages.
  • I tried to understand externNielsens book on usability before the redesign.
  • A self programmed externXML , externXSLT rendering engine, wrapped in externJava generated the HTML. XSLT is done by the great Java engines externSaxon, by Michael Kay and more and more by Johannes Döblers jd.xslt, which seems to be disappearing right now.
  • Logo of VIM The sole editor used to create source, html, xhtml and xml is externVIM with a dose of syntax highlighting.
  • externSitecopy under externOS/2 is used to deploy this homepage.
  • Most of the pages are finally W3C conformant HTML 4.01 Valid HTML 4.01! . Once they are all generated, they should all be.
  • Some dynamic parts of this site are developed as externJava Servlets and are hosted on externSpieleck.de
  • The author used externMozilla to regularly check this site (sometimes Netscape 4.61 and rarely Internet Explorer).
  • Older parts of this page were created with Craig Berry's decopics/orb_icon.gifOrb processor v1.3 (which has nothing to do with CORBA BTW) and a makefile. They were tested with Netscape 4.61 for externOS/2 .
  • Old pages have been converted to new ones, by a self programmed automaton arround externJTidy with XSLT.
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