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Ursuppe Cover.Click to enlarge.
Ursuppe Cover.

Ursuppe (aka Primordial Soup)

Another big game by us. Big both in respect of playing time (about 2 hours) and material: a lot of bits'n pieces in the box.
2004: While our edition was partially bilingual (we only shipped English rules to games we know to leave Germany) there is now a fully localized version extern"Primordial Soup" by externZ-Man Games.

Rapidly dividing amoeba
Quick Info
Players3 - 4
Age12years and above
Time120 min
An evolution game with Amoebas. (6 players with the expansion)
Strategy, Genes
Reviews: H9, AS, BGG
Ursuppe has won the Red Die second place on the "Deutsche Spielepreis" behind Rainer Knizias wonderful Euphrat und Tigris and ahead of the 1998 game of the year the wonderful Elfenland by Alan Moon! (All Artwork by Doris)
Defending amoeba
The title translates to primordial soup . This is poor mens civilisation: A few hundret million years ago, every players is left with his amoebas and tries to make the best of them. Basically an amoeba can only eat, excrete and multiply, it also has a primitive way to move (but the outcome of a movement is more or less random). By aquiring new abilities you can try to eat less or different stuff, move more regular, faster or even to attack other amoeba, or to defend attacks, or, or, or...

Ursuppe freshly spiced, the expansion

There is an expansion set to Ursuppe which is kind of two expansions in one. It contains both,
  • material to play Ursuppe with 5 or 6 players
  • and a big scoup of new genes to use with any number of players.

There quite a bit more stuff about Ursuppe on this page. Just follow the links below more Info above.
Ursuppe is also "our" word on the Internet. The high ranking hits for Ursuppe on many Search Engines are all connected with our game. externAsk Google about "Ursuppe" .
Ursuppe is one of the few games which have their own externUrsuppe DMOZ (or Google)-Directory!

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