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Ursuppe FAQ English

Attention: To avoid many of the questions, we've made a second edition of the reference sheets.

  1. Q: Can a gene only be used once per round or so?
    No, all genes can be applied as often as needed. Only the aggression part of AGGRESSION can only be used once per round.
  2. Q: What is PERSISTANCE?
    Well, es used the word PERSISTANCE and ENDURANCE for the same gene in different places.
  3. Q: Where is my second REPLACEMENT card?
    There is none it's one of the 5 errors on the original blue reference sheets. Sorry about that.
  4. Q: What happens to given back genes?
    They can be bought again by anyone.
  5. Q: In which order are gene defects played?
  6. Q: How many new amoebas may I create in phase4 ?
    As many as you can afford.
  7. Q: How does the Speed gene work?
    When you did an active movement (not drifting) you can decide afterward, to take a second active movement, you are not obliged to. The way you choose the direction of that second movement is the same as for the first movement. That is, without any Movement gene, you roll one die, with the Movement I gene you roll two dice and with Movement II you arbitrarily choose your direction.
  8. Q: What happens when an attacker uses Holding when its victim tries to Escape on an other square ?
    The rules are ambiguous on this point. The currently accepted interpretation is: the attacker is dragged into the destination square, the attack is thereby ended, and the attacker cannot attack a second time. In phase 1 however, the attacker can still eat in the destination square, if there are enough foodstuff cubes there.
  9. Q: Is the payment of BP required for movement with the Movement II gene?
    Yes. Any movement cost 1 BP to initiate unless drifting or using the Streamline gene.
  10. Q: Can Defense be used against Aggression (even though the Defense card doesnÿt say phase 5)?
    Yes. Defense reference says it may be used against Aggression, and Aggression can only be used in phase 5. Note that if the defender wins against Aggression in phase 5, do not place 2 of each color food cubes in the space (this applies to defender winning in phase 1 too) since no feeding was involved.
  11. Q: Do deaths in phase 5 occur in ascending or descending order?
    Resolve them in descending order. (this could affect placement of remaining food cubes)

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