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July 13, 2004

August 3, 2004

Z-Man Games, Inc. has reached an agreement with Frank Nestel of Spiele von Doris und Frank to translate the German game, Ursuppe, into English and sell it in English-speaking countries.
Primordial Soup as it will be called in English, has players controlling groups of amoebas trying to survive in the Soup by moving, eating, excreting, and dividing. Plus, you can evolve your amoebas by purchasing rule-breaking genes.
"It's a great, thematic strategy game that deserves an even wider audience," says Zev Shlasinger, president of Z-Man Games, Inc.
Ursuppe took second place in 1998's Deutscher Spielepreis* and rates highly on externboardgamegeek.com .
Frank Nestel adds: "Games which change their own rules tend to be very chaotic. Ursuppe has changing rules, but is close to the center of the triangle that is fun, chaos and strategy. And Z-Man's distribution will make Ursuppe more readily available in the English speaking market and just spread that fun, chaos, and strategy."
Primordial Soup is schedule for a pre-Christmas release.


Z-Man Games, Inc. is a New York-based company established in 1999 with the sole purpose to bring back the Shadowfist CCG. With the success of that golden comeback, Z-Man has produced several
B-Movie non-collectible card games, starting with Grave Robbers from Outer Space, and has ventured into RPGs with Cartoon Action Hour and board games with Ideology: The War of Ideas. They’ve also published Baby’s First Mythos, a novelty item for Lovecraft/Cthulhu fans. Z-Man Games has had games up for an Origins award nomination every year since 2001, and won the Vanguard Award for Warchon in 2003. Z-Man Games' website can be seen at externwww.zmangames.com .
Spiele von Doris und Frank was founded in 1989 simply to reduce the "time to market" of Doris Matthäus' and Frank Nestel's game ideas. Despite this basic unprofessional attitude, the company has created award winning games that are distributed all over the world. The company is also the starting point of Doris Matthäus' game artwork and today she is one the most reputed artists for board games. The web site of the Spiele von Doris und Frank is found at extern http://doris-frank.de .
*The Deutscher Spielpreis award is the second largest award given to games in Germany. It is known as the "gamer's game" awards, while the more popular Spiel des Jahres award leans toward recognizing family games.
Zev Shlasinger, President
Z-Man Games, Inc.

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