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Ursuppe for Windows

Has this ever happened to you: you had the time and desire to play Ursuppe, yet couldn't find anybody to play with? It happened to François Neville, and he did something about it. He wrote a program to play Ursuppe on a Windows PC agains up to five computer opponents.
Of course you can also wait for externGametableOnline to finish their Ursuppe programming.
Even he will admit that it is not perfect, however, and it's certainly not eye-candy; nor are the computer strategies particularly strong (although once I did only finish second!); but after all it is not supposed to replace Ursuppe on a real world table. It is lots of work well done, though! Moreover, François says he is continuing to work on various strategic and interface-related improvements to his program as he has the time, and any future improved version will be available for free download from this site when it is completed.
But for those of you who can't wait, here is the zipped for download. As with any downloaded program, read the readme file and use a virus scanner before you run it. I didn't have any problems with it but I cannot give any guarantee, especially given the many flavours and varieties of Windows.
If you would like to email François your feedback directly, contact  fendwick at externBoardGameGeek.com .

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