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Doris & Frank's game Fugger, Welser, Medici

detail of the map

Probably our most controversely discussed game.

Peoples opinions differ very much. Anyway there was a limited edition of 1000 copies and it is sold out. Graphically it's an ancestor of externHans Im Glücks El Grande, which is also by Doris. Fugger is so beautiful, remember, the picture on the right Our home, closely hand side is a bit low quality, due to memory and space restrictions!

medieval hedgehog FWM is essentially a medieval trading game, located in central Europe. You have to plan the goods your traders take with them, their pace and timing to make the best out of the known future deals. In the end money has to converted into nobility and your own castle. The game takes a few hours to play, with 2 to 6 players. 4 players probably best.

Sold out!


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