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The teeth gene artwork.


The D&F game Essen 2001.
Like Ursuppe Urland is essentially a bilingual German/English edition. Note that to save cost we do not ship English rules to German customers or shops. If you don't speak German and obtain a copy from Germany be sure to ask for English rules !
To have an impression of the artwork, click on the thumbnails.


Further recent Information about Urland

Quick Info
Players3 - 5
Age12years and above
Time60-90 min
First vertebrates leave the ozean and conquer land.
Last copies, get one free with your copy of Ursuppe!
Strategy, Genes, Bluff
Reviews: WEG, BF, BF.2, RP, BGG, BB, YSF, MK, KLK, LU, RdS, H9, AS, MSM
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Is it Ursuppe 2?

No, definately no! Urland is a thematical sequel to Ursuppe, it's about another step in evolution of life, about vertebrates from water starting to conquer the land. Besides some minor mechanical similarites (e.g. "Genes") the basic game principle of Urland is entirely different from Ursuppe.

So what is it all about?

While Ursuppe was a game where reproduction and feeding where the basic principle, Urland is different. In Urland reproduction is still a basic principle, and in water areas there is still some kind of coexistence, but on land it is a game about territorial control by majority if population.
Sneaking yellow Ichto

What is this yellow thing on the left hand side?

May I introduce, this is an Ichto. Ichto is meant to be the short form for externIchtyostega and is one of the most prominent fossils from that period of time called Devon, where our ancestors finally left the water. They must have been a mixture between fish and reptile and they had 7 digits on their hands...

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