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Impressions from Essen 2001

In Essen 2001 our new game was Urland and it sold very well. But insiders know that we've been surprised by the demand for our games quite a few times.
But being sold out is our usual state on the later days of Essen.

Other Essen reports
and pictures off us.
Mik Svellovs: externPAGE extern IMG extern IMG
Bruno Faidutto: extern PAGE extern IMG
Ronald Hoekstra: externPAGE externPAGE extern IMG extern IMG extern IMG extern IMG externPAGE extern IMG
Frank Schulte-Kulkmann: externPAGE externPAGE extern IMG extern IMG extern IMG
Erwin Broens (Dutch): externPAGE extern IMG
Jeroen Stap (Dutch): extern PAGE extern IMG

A few statistics about our booth.

Below are some picture impressions by Mattes (click on the thumbnails):

decopics/essen01/IM000051t.jpg Alan Ernstein (left in white) from externHangman Games and me (in black).

decopics/essen01/IM000064t.jpg You need a good breakfast to stand a day at the fair. From left to right Ottmar our playtester and super helper, Sabine Doris sister, Frida (in blue) and Dagmar our hosts, me and Doris.

decopics/essen01/IM000068t.jpg Ottmar explaining the setup.

decopics/essen01/IM000069t.jpg Our whole booth. It's Saturday 10:30 am, Urland was sold out for the first time for 22 hours then.

decopics/essen01/IM000070t.jpg Doris and her sister waiting for new Urland to arrive.

decopics/essen01/IM000077t.jpg Saturday 11:00 am, new games arrive!

decopics/essen01/IM000079t.jpg Escorting the games to our booth. The man in black watching the game table is the famous Alan Moon, author of Elfenland and many more great games.

decopics/essen01/IM000104t.jpg Sold out again, life can be so easy (Dagmar, Doris and Sabine).

decopics/essen01/IM000105t.jpg You have to conquer the world with your Ichtos.

decopics/essen01/IM000110t.jpg And bid ... They had spend most of their stuff in earlier mutations.

decopics/essen01/IM000115t.jpg Three of the four test tables at our stand at once.

decopics/essen01/IM000130t.jpg Sunday 3:00 pm it's nearly over now.

decopics/essen01/IM000135t.jpg Bernd Brunnhofer (on the left) asks how things went for us.

decopics/essen01/IM000138t.jpg Sunday 17:45, the last winner of the last demonstration game, they were really enyoing themselves.


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