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Spielertage 2007 Tournament Results

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The Prices

Prices, new and other good games, were games gratefully provided by externHiG, externZoch Verlag, externAmigo, externAlea. Thank you very much! Moreover there were some games of ours on the price table.

Müsterschaft (Mü Tournament)

Taking place an Saturday 27th 13:15 the 11th annual Müsterschaft started. Since the group from Würzburg came only in reduced number, especially lacking the defending champion Regula Rupp, the expected clash of Würzburg style bidding against the rest of the world did not really happen.
High Bids
High Bids
First initial rounds immediately showed with exiting games, topped with biddings showing 29 and even 30 cards on the table. Strange enough after two rounds two players were in a tie for the special scoring for highest score from a single game with 118 triangles: Thomas Straubinger and Gerd Siemering. However in third preliminary round the pace somewhat decreased with fewer spectacular games. last year finalist Alex Weiß and record winner Ralf Lehmkuhl fought toughly to get into the finals again, but failed in the end, like Matthias Ermer.
The Three Winners
The Three Winners
Desperate Measures, the Last Game
Desperate Measures, the Last Game
The top five after 3 rounds were Albert Wolf, Gerd Siemering, Ottmar Zimmer, Thomas Straubinger and Carsten Grebe in this order. However the exhaustion of the initial rounds were still present and the first 4 games of the final were rather dull and low scoring games. But the last game compensated for the lack of excitement, with three players initially rushing for chief and everyone showing plenty of support for each other, Carsten ended up becoming chief for a game of level 10 with "ones over blue" as trump. He and his partner held 9 ones, which was easy to figure after the bidding with 40 cards on the table. However ones are score less cards and the contract failed by a margin of 3. The final standing saw Thomas as the winner and Müster for 2007, followed by Albert and Gerd. Just to mention Ottmar and Carsten were tied 4th and 5th only 6 points behind Gerd.
Information about previous tournaments are on the Mü Fanpage.

Frank's Zoo Tournament

Somehow Frank's Zoo has a wider appeal, with respect to both age and sex than Mü. More women, younger players and older players were competing.
Brigitte in the Final
Brigitte in the Final
Consequently after 4 preliminary rounds in a rush Brigitte Mattes lead the crowd though tied in primary score with Thomas Straubinger, the winner of the previous days Mü competition. The final of the top 5 players was completed by Willi Gehr and Ottmar Zimmer tied for 3rd and 4th and finally Torsten Harling. Torsten came out luckily of a 5 way tie for 5th place by only one point (say one hedgehog or one lion) more than his unlucky trailers. Note by, the defending champion Martin Harder joined, but stated he didn't want to count cards today, so he finished far of on rank 24.
Thomas, Brigitte, Torsten, Ottmar, Willi
Thomas, Brigitte, Torsten, Ottmar, Willi
The final however was a different story. Everyone started from scratch. Thomas won the first round. In the second game Thomas fell from rank 1 to 5 and Ottmar, who had also been in the previous days finals, took the lead after the second deal. Instead of giving it away he rather build up the gap to the second player to 14 points after five hands for a souvereign win. Torsten finished second ahead of equally scored third Willi and fourth by only 2 points Brigitte.

Spielertage 2008

The externErlanger Spielertage 2008 will take place at the 4th weekend in January 2008, of course with the tournaments.

Other tournaments

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