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Spielertage 2010 Tournament Results

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The Prices

Prices for the tournament consisted of a solid mixture of latest and other good games, sponsored by externHiG, externAmigo, externZoch, externDDD and others. Thank you very much!

Spielertage 2010

As so many years before the tournaments were part of the Spielertage 2010 .

Müsterschaft (Mü Tournament)

Saturday 30th of January 2010. Participants joining from the local region, but also from Amberg, Würzburg and Munich, overall one of the larger atendances to the Müsterschaft.
Round 1 Carsten Grebe landed a decicive win, followed by Gerd Siemering and Johannes Possel.
Highlight of the second round was Ralf Lehmkuhl catching up to the leaders not only, but also by a 110 point score in a hand which later gave hime the price for highest game of the day. However the leeding three stayed in top after round 2, without even changing order.
Some medium bid being recorded
Some medium bid being recorded
In round 3 Carsten and Johannes met at the same table, without one of them having a true edge over the other. Biggest jump ahead was Alex Weiß on a different table, lifting himself up to rank 3. Final ranking after preliminary rounds were: Carsten, Johannes, nearly tied, than a big gap to Alex, another gap to Gerd and another Gap to "Hecht" Alexander Jung who was lucky to be only few points ahead of Andreas Possel.
Final Round Mü: Carsten (Backhead), Johannes, Alex, Gerd, Hecht
Final Round Mü: Carsten (Backhead), Johannes, Alex, Gerd, Hecht
In the finals however all the 5 top players started from scratch all face to face on one table. Alex and Gerd got the early lead on hand one. Gerd increased the gap as chief in round 2 with Johannes as a partner. Carsten battled back in rounds 3 and 4, taking back the lead by a tiny margin. In the last round Gerd managed to take back the lead, to become new champion by only three triangles advantage over Carsten, followed by Hecht, Alex and Johannes.
Information about previous tournaments are on the Mü Fanpage. See you next year!

Frank's Zoo Tournament

Sunday 31th of January 2010. The prelimimary rounds passed by very crowdy and very busy, especially for the tournament director, who spend his precious spare minutes to fix a printer problem. In the end Carsten Grebe was once more the leader (like the day before) ahead of Torsten Harling, "Zanki" Stefan Zengler, Markus Kral and Thomas L. In the unlucky 6th place this time Gerd, the new Mü-Champion, and Martina Possel tied on the major score.
Final Round Zoff im Zoo: Carsten, Torsten, Zanki
Final Round Zoff im Zoo: Carsten, Torsten, Zanki
Torsten had the best start into the final, being in the lead after round 1 and 2. Then however Zanki and Markus partnered and finished first and second place. Zanki captured the lead and never lost it again, instead he actually increased the gap further. Final standings: Zanki, Torsten, Markus, Thomas, Carsten.

Spielertage 2011

The externErlanger Spielertage 2011 will take place at the (probably) 4th weekend in January 2011, probably with the tournaments.

Other tournaments

Information about previous Frank's Zoo tournaments are here.


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