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Spielertage 2009 Tournament Results

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The Prices

Prices for the tournament consisted of a solid mixture of latest and other good games, mostly sponsored by externHiG, externAmigo, externRavensburger, externAlea. Thank you very much!

Spielertage 2009

Our tournaments were part of the side show and the Spielertage 2009 . The event reached another high mark in attendancy. And we are happy to say that tournament participation also topped previous years.

Müsterschaft (Mü Tournament)

Saturday 24th of January 2009. Beside the local players and some members of the familiar groups from Amberg, Würzburg and Munich, we hoped for another delegation from Essen, but the refrained from joining...
Round 1 saw Thomas, the 2007 winner, Johannes from Erlangen and Alexa from Munich, both tournament newbies climbing the top. Johannes did this in style with a score of 132 points in one hand. A record which stayed top during the tournament, winning him the special price for the highest game.
Intermediate rounds had Thomas dropping down to 4, but to recover in grace and after three preliminary rounds the top 5 players, in order Thomas, Andreas, Gerd, Alexa and Johannes, where seated to the final. While Alexa and Gerd came from the Munich tribe, the other three were local players. In the final Andreas took an early lead, but a loss in second last game slimmed his margin. A huge game in last round swapped back Thomas in rank 1 for becomming champion, followed by Gerd, Andreas, Johannes and Alexa. Congratulations to Thomas.
Johannes, Thomas, Andreas, Alexa, Gerd (left to right)
Johannes, Thomas, Andreas, Alexa, Gerd (left to right)
Information about previous tournaments are on the Mü Fanpage.

Frank's Zoo Tournament

Sunday 25th of January 2009. Like every year, 4 prelimimary rounds were fast, nearly clearing the observers brain with information. When the dust settled after round 4, Johannes, who was also successfull the day before, lead the cround by a large margin. Followed by Lukas, Matthias, Jörg and Alex, last years winner. Unlucky to miss the final were Gerd and Stefan.
Matthias, Lukas, Johannes, Jörg, Alex
Matthias, Lukas, Johannes, Jörg, Alex
After a tough fought final, Alex, last years winner and Johannes the souvereign leader after preliminary rounds did not succeed. Winner became Matthias Jost, who participated first time.

Other tournaments

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