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Spielertage 2006 Tournament Results

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Below find our tournament results from the externErlanger Spielertage 2006.
Pictures from the tournaments are online (see righthand links), thanks to Mir!

The Prices

Prices were games gratefully provided by externHiG , externZoch Verlag , externAmigo , externAlea , externGecko Games and our own little company.

Müsterschaft (Mü Tournament)

On Saturday 28th of January 13:15 the 10th annual Müsterschaft started. While defending champion Michael Radziej didn't join, record Winner Ralf Lehmkuhl attended as last years "highest score" winner Gerd Siemering from Munich. But this was a different year again. The largest single fraction of participants came from Würzburg. Ralf took the lead after the first preliminary round and did never give it away, to reach the final with a comfortable margin. Beside Ralf and another local player Ottmar Zimmer and three of the Würzburg crowd completed the finals, Regula Rupp, André Maack and Alex Weiß. Where Gerd as the top player from Munich missed the finals only by a small margin to Alex.
In the finals Regula and André took an early equal lead with Regula playing chief. In the following two games were lost after which Regula was in a single and considerable advantage. At this point Ralf pulled out a win as chief to lift him up into second place by a good margin. But in the last round in a desperate first or nothing attempt he lost due to a 50:50 trump decision to fall back and for Regula to win. She also took the price for the highest game. All other finalists were within 16 points from 2nd Ottmar to 5th Ralf.
Information about previous tournaments are on the Mü Fanpage.

Frank's Zoo Tournament

This year chairs and table weren't a problem for the tournament organization, a high number of participants was anticipated this time And the new tournament rooms fitted nicely.
The first 4 preliminary rounds went smoothly. Werner Weiß entered the finals with 3 wins and one second place and by a big margin. players 2 to 4 entered the final by a small but deceicive margin. Defending champion Marco Klesen from Munich came in 3rd. The fifth and final seat in the final however was a 6 way tie only decided by table score, i.e. points taken.
The final proceeded with many of the non finalists as spectators. In the end it was won by Martin Harder, 4th after preliminary round.

Next tournaments

The next tournaments will take place late January 2007. Be there and join!

Other tournaments

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