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Zoff im Zoo/Frank's Zoo Tournaments

Though Zoff im Zoo/Frank's Zoo is lighter than it still makes a good and fun tournament game.

9. Erlanger Zoff im Zoo Turnier over

For more information go to the Spielertage Results .
Tournament Winner
1.Erlangen 2001 Thomas Burger, München
2.Erlangen 2002 Andre Maack, Würzburg
3.Erlangen 2003 Angelika Gehr, Erlangen
4.Erlangen 2004 Willi Gehr, Erlangen
5.Erlangen 2005 Marco Klesen, Munich
6.Erlangen 2006 Martin Harder, Erlangen
7.Erlangen 2007 Ottmar Zimmer, Nürnberg
8.Erlangen 2008 Alex Weiß, Ansbach
9.Erlangen 2009 Johannes Jost, Erlangen
10.Erlangen 2010 Stefan Zanki Zengler, Würzburg

Technical Remarks

ZiZ/FZ and Mü both join a certain common problem when conducting tournaments: Their flexible number off players need for special methods for seating players to tables. I'm still toying arround with software and manual methods. If anyone can give me pointers, please send me an link maile-mail ! There are also Differences between the two games:


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