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Meet Doris & Frank in Essen 2006

The great
Essen Game Fair 2006
will take place
October 19-22.
Essen is still the place where board gamers from all over the world meet and it's still a very colourful event.
The number of our booth is
its the same place but different number as last year.

What will Doris & Frank present in Essen?

The Ark Expansion will be available from Rio Grande Games.
And we'll present all of our good old stuff, like  Urland, Frank's Zoo, Ursuppe, Igel Ärgern and the extern GeckoGames game "Trias"

Coming to Essen

Though slightly outdated still comprehensive externMik Svellov's page about the trip to Essen. For more general information about the Game Fair you should also visit the externhomepage of the Merz Verlag , the organizers. For general information about the Messe Essen (not only games fair) look at externtheir homepage .

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