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Doris & Frank's Game Links

Just a few links I'd like to recommend, most of these places contain more links, so there is enough to see.

This page contains the following sections:

If anything else fails, click here to ask metacrawler MCLogo for its current hits for board and card games.

Modern Games

These links are mainly to sites about newly published games.

Game Magazines and Reviews

Germans largest board game site is externSpielbox-Online (formerly KMW's Spielplatz) . The site is usually very up to date and fairly large! Spielbox is on of the larger game magazines in Germany.

The externBoard Game Geek is a very modern and IMHO excellent resource for every board game. Though they do seem to like our games :-(

Red Poeppel This is the place where "The Jury" publishes the latest information about the German "oscar of games" externSdJ - Homepage .

Somehow a different kind of reviews and a different style at all, at externMichael Knopfs Page. This site is in Germandecopics/f-g2.gif)! Michael is also a writer of game reviews for one of the big German newspapers and a member of "the Jury".

Another nice site is Peters Sarrets externGame Report Online though it's bit behind his paper game report.

This was the very best and very only game site some years ago, getting a bit out dated now: externKen's Gamecabinet . Ken also helped us with our first trials to do some externinternet advertisments . Still a very good resource for rule translations and some other stuff.

1. Deutscher WebRing für
Brett- und Kartenspiele
[ externInfo ][ extern<< ][ extern>> ][ externAll ]
One more Germandecopics/f-g2.gif source of reviews is Detlev Jakobs externLudozine . Detlev is also organizer of this right webring:

Game Companies

This is a site, of another tiny little game company externBambus Games . Done by the game designer Günther Cornett, who has done quite a few nice games. I especially recommend his games Flaschenteufel IMHO one of the most interesting trick taking games and the 1997 new Arabana-Ikibiti (aka Kahuna) an excellent game for two players. They also do license productions and I also really love Twilight , another strange card game. Unfortunately the site is completely in German decopics/f-g2.gif

This is a site of a somewhat larger little Company externFata Morgana , the makers of Tichu one of my favourite card games, Kremlin , Schraumeln , Hotel Life , and more. Their game idea engine is Urs Hostettler. They also organize large scale criminal parties.

One of the smallest companies arround, is externDaggit We shared our Essen 1997 stand with them and their new Quartier Latin.

And finally the Americans found small companies themselves, to publish their own "German Style" games. Here is externHangman Games , founded by Alan D. Ernstein and Kurt Adam. They seem to be very busy, starting much faster than that 1 game a year we do.

Onother author with a fast start in business and licenses, he is also setting up a mailing list for game author: extern Michael Schacht . Unfortunately I'm still looking forward to play one of Michaels games.

More Pages

Finally a very interesting Red Diepage for game authors and you who wan't to become game author. Unfortunately in German!

This is the Red DieProgressive Chess World Championship homepage , all about a very crazy type of chess variation and links to more chess related stuff. I participated once at one of their tournaments and it was great fun!

Sort of a game election (in German decopics/f-g2.gif): externSpielpalast - die Spielewelt von netclip . An IMHO much more interesting game election is externAaron Fuegis successor of the Bankler List . Go there and vote!

This is another semi german game page, maybe you find the Essen information on it useful: externKulkmann's Gamebox . Another german source of recent german game information externPöppelkiste especially at Essen times.
Another private game page: externDie Pöppelbande .
Kind of a micro game database on games: externNiederrheinmagazin .
One of my latest boardgame bookmarks is externJoes Spiele Seite . And another one: externby Anthony .

The home page of one of Germany's biggest (paper) boardgame magazines: externPöppel Revue .

Traditional Games

Spanish colours An incredible site is John McLeods externCard Games site. Here you can learn nearly everything about classical cards games, their rules, history, variants. And if you don't find it on the pages, you can still ask John!
And another card game page, on externMAO .
R. Somervilles externincredible card game shop in good old Scottland, precisely in Edinburgh, has it's own homepage now. Hmm, but this is allready pretty commercial ;-)

Backgammon: I'm also fond about Backgammon now. See here extern (1) or extern (2)

Conways externGame of Life has it's own page here!

Chess: externChess pages , lots of variants and stuff. extern More chess .

Not really games, but very many externvery interesting puzzles .


Most of the people I met on the net are somehow gamers, so have a look at the People links pages.

Artificial Intelligence and Games

An long time hobbyhorse of mine. See on the other links page .

You can find some more links I like right here .

Red Die You'll probably find some more Game links in my latest original and uncensored Red Die Netscape Bookmark file. Hey, thats an easy way to do a links page :-).


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