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Doris and Frank's other Links

C ontents:

Computer Information

The IMHO best computer magazine in Germany externc't - magazin für computertechnik (in German decopics/f-g2.gif.

Here is the page for TeXnicians: dante .

Artificial Intelligence (mainly in Games)

I've been interested in game programming for years. Game trees, alpha beta, scout, heuristics and selective searching, etc. Newest (to me): Neural nets, self learning backgammon machines etc. Therefore I once tested externFranks own Search Engine on the subjects "Computer Go, Artifical Intelligence" once, extern here is the result .

Warning some of the following links might be quite old.

Jay Scott (jay@forum.swarthmore.edu) on Machine Learning and Backgammon: externHis ML page and his extern backgammon page . Sutton on extern Neural Networks , this is about TD-Learning etc.

Another recent area: externBridge & AI

Progress in computer chess? Here a view from the top externDeep Blue

More Links

This is the homepage of a very interesting man: externDon E. Knuth . I learned a lot from his books and articles. Somehow his work though about very recent subjects seems to stay fresh for a long time.

Even in a gamers world there should be some more important things. externAmnesty International cares about many of the most important things!

A German decopics/f-g2.gif culture page externKultur Pur e.V. , with some gamers contents.

Lots of more links (have you seen anything else on WWW?) for extern Surfing .

German decopics/f-g2.gif edition of the IMHO best magazine of popular science: externSpektrum der Wissenschaft

I tried and used various search machines, but often externmetacrawler worked best for me! And anyway it shows you the way to some other of the more powerful recent general searchers. Another (currently 1999) upstarting Searcher, which provided me with surprisingly good results is externGoogle which seems to be based on some recent advances in web spider technology.

I Ching

Well, it has been hard to find german translations of Philip K. Dicks books recently. Though I never completely understood his books, I liked the ones I've read, as C.G. Ballards books BTW. After I've bought Philip K. Dicks "The Man in the High Castle" in Oxford this (1997) summer, a book where the I Ching plays an important role, I searched the net for some information. And I really like Black Diethis site . Maybe this is a different kind of search machine ;-)

Game links

You can find some nice gamers links right here .

People we know

Some more links to people we know .

Red Die You'll probably find some more links in my latest original and uncensored Red Die Netscape Bookmark file. Hey, thats an easy way to do a links page :-).


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