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Essen 2005, the view back

The Spiel '05 was different than the last years. It was good to finally have a new game with Ark, feel the adrenaline and just be busy explaining and signing the game.
Due to a tremendous effort of our helpers ( externRalf, externOttmar, externMichael, Dagmar, Sabine, externRoland ) we played over 100 games on our booth, most of them complete and explained the games even more often to people who just wanted to know about it.
After all Ark/Arche Opti Mix did very well and got good marks not only on the externFairplay Scout Poll .
From the many played rounds we also got some new ideas and some questions. For example I now call the Endgame the "Last Minute Phase" and the eating rules can be summarized by "Avoid Losses". One group really had funny ideas for an expansions: E.g. Tranquillizers for the shy animals. Answers to questions are found in the Ark FAQ.

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