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Numfield, More Sample Strategies

Well, finally I depart from that point where I think looking at the existing strategies slows down progress. It is an antiscientific idea anyway. On this page I will release links to Java source code for you to study.

Please note these strategies were never for publication, they were just quick and dirty implementations of ideas (at least as far as I speak for myself), so they are of poor style and mostly uncommented.

An exception might be the strategy by link mailDon Rebles , he seems like a Java guru to me:

The plethora of link mailJoe Huber s strategies. He was so friendly to put some comments in his page and he also explains some of his ideas on his page :

link mailMark Delano released MrArrr, it is very short and very tiny, since it depands on Evaluator or his extension of it.

Strategies by Frank. I also appologize for comments in German, but I put this out as is!

When you click those links with Netscape you get a listing, but with a lot of vertical whitespace (at least I do), just safe the file locally and open it with the editior of your choice.

OK, thats all by now. And again, it is your turn now!


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