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Numfield - The Regular League

Below you can see some contributed strategies against a set of my strategies. Note this kind of second league. This means these strategies all do not score most, but like in many real sports the behaviour of some of those strategies is much more interesting and "entertaining" than that of the higher league ones. Well, I know throwing numbers might not look to entertaining for some of you...

To learn about the authors of the strategies go to the previous page. Strategies without mentioned author are Franks.

You might also observe how fast those strategies play (in comparison the the Champions League). This is due to the fact, that there is not to much analyse involved in these strategies judgement.

Some strategies are considered border liners: Ohio, Storm, Focus and WinningMode enter in both the regular and the champions league. Note, that due to the environmental effect it is hard to estimate a strategies in one environment from that in the other...

You need Java to see s.th. in this area!

If you have any other question, wishes or ideas, strategies or even class files please send an email to link mailinfo@doris-frank.de .


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