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Numfield - the Evil Assassin

This is based on a strategy by link mailJoe Huber . The aim of this was not to win any environmental tournament, but simply to drive other strategies out of the environment. It does so by using the whole smartness of Freberg , pick an opponent and tries to consistenly bid one more than him.

An improvent introduced by Frank is, to allow a set of synchronously started Assassins to cooperate perfectly. For the Java insiders: This is achieved by keeping information in class variables rather than instance variables and therefore allow the instances to act consistently. Joe claims there is a minor bug in my code, but didn't come up with a fix (September 14th 1999). Presentation is "as is", no warranty.

Below you can watch a gang of two Assassins picking up on the top strategies. If you have an Java Console enabled Browser, you should watch Assassins periodical reports there.

You need Java to see s.th. in this area!

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