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Numfield - Modified Pi Experiment

This is a slight modification of link mailDon Reble s idea on that page , I simply replaced Pi by a strategy, which is much harder to outlearn ... at least for my strategies:
class BlindPig extends Strategy
    private int pi[] = {6,3,3,2,2,2,6,3,1,1};
    public int initial_turn() 
        return pi[0]; 
    public int turn(int last_turns[], int scores[],
                int carryOver, int turn_no)
        return pi[turn_no % pi.length];

Simply look, what happens:

Unfortunately your browser is not able to display the Numfield simulation applet.

Long time even the best adaptive strategies didn't succeed in that environment only in December 1999 the first successfull ones appeared...

Ideas I had in BlindPig:

T he other thing would be to set up an experimental environment, to find the optimal period-N (e.g.N=10) strategy according to a given environment ...
But this sounds like crying for a very, very fast computer. Not just a mere PC ...

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