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Numfield - The Contributed Strategies

On the right hand side is a list of contributed strategies and their authors.

Author League Strategy
link mailJeroen Doumen RL CopyCat
link mailJoe Huber
there is an
extra page
devoted to
Joes strategies
RL Calm
RL Storm
RL CL Ohio
RL BlueStreak
RL PseudoRandom12
RL Tsilihin
CL Opus
RL Buttercup
CL Freberg
CL Lehrer
RL Yankovic
RL Thornton
CL Hargrove
link mailDon Reble RL Pi
RL WinningMode
CL Markov
link mailMark Delano RL SirVec
RL MrVec
RL MrArrr
held backSirArrr
CL SirArrrX
CL LordArrrX
CL SimpleArrr
CL TinyArrr
CL FullMonty
You can watch those strategies success on the following pages: T o see a certain strategy (which is not retired) click on the leagues in the same line.

Chronology of contributions:


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