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Doris & Franks site most hit pages 2001, 01-08

This is what our logfiles reveal:
1. Zoff im Zoo tournament Not much to see there, but a tournament result.
2. Games overview  
3. Ursuppe FAQ, rules, extra information stuff.
4. Ursuppe/Pico announcement The old page, now splitted into two.
5. Zoff im Zoo/Franks Zoo  
6. Games with Doris Artwork The ever incomplete page :-)
7. The Mü Page  
8. Play Pico Applet  
9. Franks Bookmarks Hey ;-)
10. Igel Ärgern, Eselsrennen, Mü The old page, now splitted into three.
11. Foreign Shops  
12. Our Bios Well, nice you care for us!
13. Contact Yes, lets stay in contact!
14. Translation  
15. Gaming Links  
16. Company  
17. Urland The Urland announcement page, fairly busy so soon.
18. Au Backe  
19. Awards we won You still do not seem to care that much.
20. Banana Republic; Fugger, Welser, Medici; Tante Tarantel The old combined page.
The previous top 20 if you mind.

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