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Image of a real hedegehog

What is a hedgehog?

Well, of course it is the animal in our logo.
Apart from that hedgehogs are common wild animals in central Europe and large parts of Africa. Actually they are so common here (well mostly laying killed on roads), that Europeans are not aware that they do no exist everywhere in the world.
We love hedgehogs and we are members of a extern"Pro Igel" Hedgehog protection society
Here are some technical description about the hedgehog:
  • mammals, up to 30 centimeters (14 inches) long.
  • back covered with many (many) spines of 2-3 centimeters (1 inch).
  • eats small insects and worms.
  • considered useful in gardens or parks.
  • in case of danger for a ball which has spines everywhere outside.
  • therefore no bigger natural enemies, but cars.
  • since they are on the end of the food chain, they (indirectly) consume lots of modern agricultural chemistry and therefore suffer immune and parasite problems today.
Sometimes hedgehogs are confused with porcupines, but these have much longer spines, do not form a ball and live elsewhere on the globe.
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For more information visit the extern"Pro Igel" Hedgehog protection society site.

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