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Ich bin dafür, dass sich das ändert!

A few pictures from the Erlanger Spielertage 2002

You know the game, click on the thumbnails to see a large picture.

Jan 27,2002
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0574t.jpg The big hall before the masses crowded in.
Müsterschaftdecopics/erlangen02/IMG_0570t.jpg Michael the referee consulting his laptop at the referee table.
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0571t.jpg The final of the Müsterschaft: Turning their back to us on the left hand side Oguz Han (3rd), Ralf (winner) on the right side. Behind Oguz Han partially covered Ingeborg (2nd). In the back Anke and Michael.
Jan 28,2002
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0576t.jpg Part of the main show the "game piece guessing contest", Thomas, Thorsten, Doris and Marco arguing.
Zoff im Zoo
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0594t.jpg Me and Michael, the referees under observation by the participants.
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0591t.jpg Defending champion Thomas (dark clothes) struggling with his bad card luck, finally missing the finals by a small margin. Also on the table Michael (laughing) and (in rear view) Anke and Alex.
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0595t.jpg The final of the Zoff im Zoo Tournament. Some arguing about scores. The two who are not on the next picture are Franziska and Marco.
decopics/erlangen02/IMG_0600t.jpg The winners, from left to right: Ottmar (3rd), Andre (1st) and Alex (2nd), with their prizes.


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