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Franks Picture

Frank Nestel

Hi, thats me. I don't like that picture of mine. In fact I don't like any picture of mine, but at least I got a job with that particular picture ;-)


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I studied mathematics and finished with my PhD in February 1996. In parallel to my studies I also had to work for money. I wrote a whole financial suite for a travel book company in Erlangen, I also wrote low level database software and numerical software for Siemens research departments and finished a software to merge pictures of different medical image sources. decopics/igelrechen.gif

In 1996 I decided that pure research in mathematics is a lonesome business and I started working at a tiny software company. For them I've been working on the design of medium scale databases, tuning of ORACLE, communication programs and mainly the problem of doubled entries in large databases. The latter problem gets interesting when you introduce a fuzzy notion of a doubled entry.
I switched jobs in 1998, to a daughter of externINA , one of the world leading producers of roller bearing and engineering stuff (If you have a german car it will most likely contain quite a few parts done by externINA , even if your car is not from Germany.) Late in 2001 I finally switched to the main concern itself.

My major concern then was the creation of browser based applications largely based on externJava , externXML and externXSL all of which is integrated quite nicely in our self developed object framework. My major interest is software engineering of larger systems (though I haven't got hands one the huge ones yet), software design and coordination of the design process. My currently favourite project, is the extern medias® electronic version of a part of the INA product catalogue.


Do you know what else I do to waste my time?
externHere are more pages by Frank
else where on the WWW.

on his part of externSpieleck.de.
I n fact I spend a lot of my spare time on computers. I'm settled in somewhat exotic software region, using OS/2 with a lot of free GNU stuff. Sometimes I use Linux and it is only in office where I use those successors of Win3.11 which call themselves Win NT or so.

I am really fond of programming and competing strategy games (like Numfield ), numerical methods or complicated algorithms. I've spent some time with programming for chess and go. But I'm not yet satisfied with the result of these efforts. I also liked participating in programming contests . But time is getting rare since I left university.

Beside computers I'm very interested in board and card games. Hmm, thats what these pages are mainly about. I like to play them and I also published a few board games: Look at the Pages about our company , our games and about my Gamelinks ).

I only like a few computer games, especially puzzles or strategic games, eg. I liked Sim City when it was new, Railroad Tycoon or Civilisation. Sim City 2000 looks good again to me. I don't like shooting and solving strange puzzles, that is computer adventures.

Music: I'm not very specialized to a particular music style.

I just decide what I like from case to case. Though my music taste is largely inspired by music from the early eighties and by Reggae and externBob Marley .

Recent music I really got hooked was extern"Two dollar guitar" , especially their "Train Songs" album and even more recently extern"Manu Chao" , especially Proxima Estacion Esparanza .

I 've been hanging around on internet game servers for chess and backgammon some years ago, fascinated by playing speed chess during lunch break against people on the other end of the world. But now it's all getting slow, servers getting more and more local and more and more commercial, and time is getting rarer and I somehow missed the step to current internet online playing. Hopefully externGTO will change that or externmy own projekt will start sometimes .

When I watch TV I prefer Icehockey, Judo and Sumo.

Another hobby of mine are essential plant oils and healing herbs. The whole family has to test out my self brewed remedies, though in the last years i feel that Tee-Trea Oil seems to help against anything that matters ;-) If you are fluent in German decopics/f-g2.gif you can find a lot's of stuff about that on the externWDR site .


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