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Doris Matthäus and Frank Nestel

Very Short Version

Doris is an artist, Frank an mathematician, we're bothlink down married and we're designing and producing games.

Beside the text below about Doris and mine common life, there is one more page for each of us.

Both of us

Doris and Frank

Foney Bone writing love letters


W e have been on the same school for many years without ever recognizing each other. We first realized each other at a party where Doris had been invited by a school friend of hers and I by her friends little brother :-) We finally met at a ghost party, where Doris came as a bone man and I as a classical white ghost (Don't believe me, click here for a gif!). Since then (1987) we've been together. We've been living together since 1990 and finally married in 1992.

We both share the interest in comic books and especially in Bone by Jeff Smith.

The above picture has been made at the 1997 Gathering of Friends (have a close look at my T-shirt).


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extern Joe Hubers opinions
Well, we haven't got anything professional in common, but about our common enterprise, see the the Page about the Company Doris & Frank and about the Games we've published .


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