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A picture of Doris

Doris Matthäus


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Well, to make it short, I, Frank wouldn't hesitate to say that Doris is one of the top designers of German board game scene . She has done the artwork of three Games of the Year winners. In the year 1998 she managed to have done the artwork all four top winners of the "Deutscher Spielerpreis" (Rank 1, 2, 3 and Child Game Award). Find a list of approximately all games done by Doris here . BTW don't judge Doris artwork by looking at those pages, while stealing artwork from her harddisk this has been all my poor amateur design.

Doris has a degree in "communication design", she is working as an artist, doing artwork for games: boards, cards, rules, boxes or anything else. She has been self employed since 1989. In the beginning she also worked out the presentations and outfit of industrial companies. She got into game scene by our own game enterprise. Until 1995 she didn't care about computers at all. All her work was done with real colours on real people. But then she bought her MAC and can provide her customers with print ready digital designs.

Though she's working now fully computerized, her art is still characterized by the use of conventional techniques and real colours. And you can allmost feel that from the best of her designs. Therefore a good scanner is and will be a main ingredience of her work...


B esides drawing and painting which also a hobby of her, Doris likes to grow all kinds of plants and flowers in our little garden. She is cooking very, very well, especially when it comes to exotic cuisine. She has quite a few aquariums and of course she likes to play games. Here favourite TV shows are Starship enterprise and successors and Mash. She likes horseback riding, especially western style. Doris has a "half" horse (together with a friend of her) named "Ramos" since April 2000.

She also a photographer , working on the whole story of her life in 30 photo albums when ever she has time. And she wants me to state, that I profit from that, since she's taking all our pictures on our vacations! Beside fishes and horses, she is in love with two other kinds of animals: Dragons and Unicorns.


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