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The Applet to the right by link mailPatrik Lundin will search for keywords for you in our site. Have fun!
Warning: There is a slight bug, don't click at the hit "index.html" since then you get into a frame-in-frame layout problem. I'll fix that sometime, but not today :-) Harder to fix: What link mailPatrik Lundin missed are the umlauts, to find them you have to type (ü for ü ä for ä and so on! E.g. type Mü to find Mü).
This applet searches a website for keywords by parsing
and following links on the site.
Write search words in the search field, separate several
search words with a colon or space, press search.
When the applet indicates it is finished (look at the top of the applet)
double click on any of the links to go to that page.


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