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Gametitle Pico

Doris & Frank's game Pico/Pico2

Our most unusual production. In fact we invented this, to fill a gap in a card print run: It's a set of only 11 cards. A single hand last only minutes. Card 16

A fast bluff and skill game for two players. With two decks you can play with three players. For two players cards are shuffled, every player gets five cards, the remaining card is put face up on the table, it is missing that game. Now both play a card face down and reveal it simultaneously. Higher card wins unless it isn't too high .

Pico 2, the 1997 edition of pico, has an improved set of 11 cards, with slightly altered numbers.

You can now play a simplified version of Pico 2 against your computer, just click here !

This game has been slightly inspired by the Knobeln Contest where computer programms fight each other by throwing out numbers. Since there hasn't been a tournament now since 1994, my program Knobeligel should be defending World Champion :-) (see here for the programming contests I participated).


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