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Find Doris and Frank in Essen

The great Gamefair Essen 1998 will take place October 22-25. Though the number of small stands with small companies is steadily decreasing Essen is still the place where boeard games from anywhere meet and it's still a very colourful event. In 1998 you will hopefully have a chance to find Ursuppe - frisch abgeschmeckt an extension for Ursuppe at the Doris & Frank stand. Roadmap of Essen

Essen is a Town in Germany !. Closest airport is Düsseldorf from where you can get to Essen easily by public transport. From the US you might also arrive at Frankfurt airport, which is a about 300 kilometers southeast from Essen. You can go by train or rent a car.
Anyway you might want to take a look at the road map beside. The gray area is Essen. The black triangle is the Messe area. The fat streets are autobahn. Of course there are many traffic sign guiding you to the "Messe Essen".

Well, of course you know all the above and like to know, how to find Doris & Frank in the Messe.

Doris and Frank's stand is 1025

A donkey!This is in hall (Halle) 10. One usually enters through the lobby and then hall 12. Hall 11 and 10 are by no means (and no wall) separated, they are in fact just one hall and hall 10 ist right next to hall 12.
If you found hall 11/10, the following map (59k gif) might help you to make your way to us. Halle 12 is to the right and there is a little red circle on the gif. It's about the same place where we have been last year...

As last year, I'm sorry about the quality of the two maps, but this year I know I wont have the time to do some improved quality scanning.

Essen is s modern German town. Germans probably don't consider it as very special, but maybe you'd like to have a look at the externEssen Homepage yourself. For general information about the Messe Essen (not only games fair) look at externtheir homepage .


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