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This page contains the following sections:
This is the 1997 Doris and Frank Game and you can find the usual advertisement stuff at the Ursuppe announcement page . For basic information and links to independent reviews go to the General Games Page .

And if you are looking for new "neutral" information you might want to look at the following:

  1. extern Search the Funagain Games index .
  2. extern Ursuppe at the GameCabinet .

Ursuppe Expansion

New genes animated Some might have expect it. We've made an expansion kit to Ursuppe The expansion kit consists ofS o it's two expansion in one box! Beside many inovative and funny new genes, there are two genes illustrated by Christoph Tisch , known from his Pöppel Revue cartoons. Have a glance at 4 gene animation on the right side.

Ursuppe Expansion Errata

So far only one real error is known with the Ursuppe expansion. This error affects both German and English descriptions of genes sold with the expansion in Essen 1998:
The gene Migration sensing, Alarm, Fast Food and Energy Conservation ( Strömungsinn, Alarm, Fast Food und Energie sparen ) has to be used in Phase 1 not Phase 2! Note that later editions of the rules might have one or more of this rules corrected!

In German:
Auf den Genbeschreibungen zur Extraportion Gen, die in Essen 1998 verkauft wurden befindet sich ein Druckfehler:
Die Gene Strömungssinn, Alarm, Fast Food und Energie sparen werden in Phase 1 angewandt, nicht wie irrtümlch abgedruckt in Phase 2! In neueren Ausgaben der Regel sind diese Stellen ganz oder teilweise korrigiert!

New Genes discovered

A wanted to do that myself, but Steven O' Sullivan was faster! In April 1998 one could find more then 60 new genes, invented by him, Brian Bankler and Stephen Tavener and more on his externUrsuppe Gene Testing Grounds . Some of them look pretty interesting. Stephen Tavener even invented an entire new type of gene , which represents a disadvantage instead of an advantage, but has a negative mutations score!

The arrival of the Ursuppe expansion seems to have freshly inspired Brian Bankler to start inventing new genes again. I've got CC's of a discussion by hi with Stephen Tavener. Also only few weeks before the expansion came out (and while it already was in print) we got a snail mail by Jörg Zuther a German mathematician (hey like me) who invented a whole bunch of new genes. Substracting the genes in the expansion and the genes which have been reinvented quite a few times, adding my own remaining ideas, the unpublished Ursuppe genes are now going up in the eighties. Any hints what we should do with them???

Any new genes, but also suggestions about right prices, mutation or quantity are appreciated, send them to us or better to him!

"Perfect" Strategies

Every now and then I get an email with a perfect winning strategy. Unfortunately Ursuppe is indeed a system which is pretty vulnerable to the strength of the genes. Much of the testing during the years of development was to avoid invincable genes. Fortunately the perfect winning strategies submitted are all different ;-) So here for yourself to check, in increasing seriosity:I still think there is enough interaction between the situation on the board and the strategy and between the players, that there isn't a perfect way win?! decopics/igelkopf.gif

New rules for Ursuppe

This section consists rules for two players and alternative ruleslink down for Ursuppe.

Ursuppe for 2 players

  1. Dummy player
    Define a dummy player, which doesn't play by the normal rules, but rather plays automatically, e.g. drifts everytime. Has life expectancy from the beginning, gets 2 amoebas per round. Dummy does or doesn't score.
  2. Double play I
    Every player plays for two colours, but scores only the worse result of his two colours.
  3. Double play II
    Every player plays with two colours. Start like a four players game. All starting amoebas are without. Phase 1: The second ranked players starts by feeding on of his colours, the leading player then feeds his first colour and afterward his second colour and finally the second ranked player feeds his other colour. Phase 3: Players by genes and they apply to both of their colours! Phase 4: New amoebas cost 4 (and 3 with division rate). Usual rules are applied for extinct or nearly extinct colours (not players). Phase 6: A player scores for the number of amoebas in each of his colours plus once the score for his genes.

Alternative Rules for Ursuppe

Richard Heli has invented his own externway to play Ursuppe with the given bits and pieces. It also his contribution which I use to try to start another Mü discussion .

Nicer Amoebas

Paul Jefferies pic1 (64k)pic2 (42k)

And there are more variants on BGG, semi commercial artistic amoebas: externPic 1 , externPic 2 , externPic 3 , externPic 4 , externPic 5 externPic 6 externPic 7


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