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German flag Diese Seite gibt es leider noch nicht auf Deutsch.
Ich bin dafür, dass sich das ändert!

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Urland English FAQ

Q:  What is Gewinner?
The German word for winner slipped through in the very first versions of the English rules.

Q:  May I use a gene action more than once?
Yes, gene actions like teeth may be used more than once like the normal actions. I.e. with 3 players and three regular actions you can move up to 6 Ichtos by flying.

Q:  Scoring: An Island has 8 Ichtos, 3 Black, 3 White, 2 Red So, red is killed (off the board) and Black and White each get how many points?
It is not co-existance so you score "strongest player" (3 each). The idea is first you choose which case you are in, then you stick to that case for this scoring.

Q:  Scoring:If there are four players but only 3 have ichtos on the land being scored does the player with no ichtos count as being the least represented or is it the player with the least actually present?
The player with the least actual present.

Q:  Why is this FAQ shorter than the German one?
Probably John Webleys Translation was better than my German rule :-(

Still problems, please ask us directly .


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